Trip Log: France/Spain October 2014

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This is my blog first entry documenting our recent trip to Spain.  My husband Mark and I booked our plane tickets 2 years ago – cashing in on some miles that were about to expire.  This was the culinary trip on the horizon that we needed to look forward to while we renovated the house we now live in.  We knew the renovation would take all of our resources and energy.  France and Spain were the light at the end of the tunnel.  So, the chef and the photographer finally got on a plane and took a trip!  As a side note, my business (Bonicelli Fresh Meal Delivery) is now almost 6 years old.  6 years ago was the last time we went to Europe.  Thanks to my wonderful crew – Dan, Collin, Lindsey, and Alex for keeping our customers totally happy in my absence.

The overall plan was to start and end our trip in Toulouse, France. (#1 on the map)  We would drive across Southern France and into Northern Spain.  The map above is our route.  I use a lot of Spanish products in my menus.  Olive oil, olives, tuna, cheese, wine – etc.  I was hoping to meet some of the makers of the products I love and witness some of the processes they use to create their superior offerings.  The owner of Great Ciao, Scott Pikovsky, assisted me with connections which absolutely made our great trip SPECTACULAR!  A big thank you to Scott!  I have always felt that the first secret to being a good cook is to use great ingredients.  It is expensive.  But, I promise you – you’ll never question the expense of good food when you see what goes in to producing it.  That’s what I hope to bring to light in future posts.

We arrived at our Airbnb flat on Wednesday October 1st late afternoon.  Getting into the city and parked was difficult with lots of one-way skinny streets, and pedestrians.  Also, a rather confused trip navigator. Once we figured out parking and got situated in the apartment, we walked around the city and had a little dinner at the only restaurant that seemed to be open – a quaint little pizzeria.  I know – Pizza in France!  It was delicious!

Pizza Margherita Toulouse

Our flat in Toulouse

Our flat in Toulouse

We’re going to take a day or two to recover from the trip and then start our adventure.  Next stop – Tarbe!

Bueno Appetito and Mucho Gusto!








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