Post Kickstarter Activity!

Bonicelli Fresh Meal Delivery


I had two goals for our Kickstarter campaign.  They were equal in priority because both were, and are, necessary for our success.  Goal one was short term: raise the necessary funds to open the doors of Bonicelli Kitchen.  Goal two is a long term solution:  engage the audience we need going forward.  This audience will be the foundation of our business and provide a friendly focus group for us to gauge interest and seek advice.  I know I speak for all of my staff when I say that we are so impressed with (and grateful for) what a group of people can accomplish together.  We designed all of our rewards so that our supporters would immediately be a part of our vision.  Thank you and welcome to the family!!!

I can’t even think of how to describe what an emotional experience the campaign was, but I’ll give it a shot. The last day was like winning the Kentucky Derby and actually being the horse!  It is the most exhausting and rewarding thing I’ve ever been involved with!  I have to say a very special thank you to Alex (who worked on this 24/7 throughout the 2 months of planning and 4 weeks of the campaign), and to my staff and our PR team (Sterling Cross) who kept their energy and ideas flowing as we navigated our way through the longest and shortest 4 weeks of my life!  We had an anonymous backer (XOXOXOXO!!!!!) that worked with us through out the campaign.  For the most part we communicated by text.  Seriously!  A very special thank you for angels that believe!

For just a bit of history, we started working on this project about a year ago.  The old B-line was purchased by a couple of great N.E. guys that I happen to know.  We are connected by a diligent and very well connected bookkeeper that we share.  They (let’s just call them Ryan and Willie) had the vision for a restaurant and contacted me.  Turns out the property had to be rezoned.  That was a difficult process, but another good one in that we had to meet the neighborhood and get their approval before the city would even consider the rezoning.  We learned a lot by doing this and much of the concept of Bonicelli Kitchen is a direct result of the feedback and concerns that the neighborhood put in front of us.  I am impressed with the power that the city gives the neighborhoods and as a resident of N.E. Minneapolis I’m also grateful for it.  It pays to get involved in your neighborhood, the city is listening.

So, here’s the current update:   The licensing for beer and wine is in to the City of Minneapolis along with the license application for the sidewalk cafe.  If all goes as planned it should be approved in mid-July.  The construction permit is in the works and we are hoping to finish demo and start construction next week.  We are doing everything we can to keep to our budget – buying used equipment and doing what work we can ourselves.  We’ll keep you in the loop on what we’re buying and how the building is transforming.

Again thank you everyone that contributed and supported us!  We are so excited!!!!


P.S.  We will be announcing a Thank You Pop-up at the space!  Keep your eyes open – we’d love to see you!


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