Positano 2008 – My Food Philosophy

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Positano 2008

This is a picture of me in 2008 walking the streets (steps) of Positano, Italy. This is the trip I was on when  I decided to start my food business.  In this part of the world they make lemon pasta and limoncello because they grow lemons.  The wine takes on the salt from the ocean and families make their own olive oil from the trees in their yards.  I can’t live in Italy, YET!  But, I try to carry this inspiration with me and put it into the food I make – every day.

On this trip, I put a lot of thought in to how I feel about food.  With so many “diets”, and trends, and information and misinformation – how are we supposed to enjoy eating without always being wrong in our choices?  Is food our enemy?  I began to realize that I have a philosophy about food and here it is:

My philosophy is that food and healthy eating is about enjoying everything in a balanced way.  All things in moderation.  Food is a great joy and a celebration of culture and even the occasional dessert or basket of French fries has a place in our diets.  The most important thing is to buy the best food that you can from the people who grow it and make it without unnecessary additives or processes.  Cook and eat with love and gusto!   Laura.

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