Poached Whole Salmon

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I ¬†practiced on several smaller fish before I tackled (hee!) this 17 pound fish. One of the things I learned is that the larger the fish the less problem you have with bones because they are larger as well and don’t detach from the spine or hide as easily as the smaller finer bones in a smaller fish. The other thing I learned is that while this is a lot of work, it can be done the day ahead, chilled, and simply served room temp. That makes the event day quite easy.

My Dill Pollen Mayo is a superb compliment to this. I estimated 4 ounce portions and served it rather than letting people have at it without assistance. Worked perfectly!

Let’s Get Cooking!


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    Great job Laura! He must have been hard to cook (he is huge). I used this recipe on my fish and it worked perfectly. Thanks.

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