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Bonicelli Fresh Meal Delivery

As most of you already know, we released a statement earlier this week explaining exactly what was happening with Bonicelli Kitchen. Shortly after the statement was posted we began to receive countless words of encouragement that continue to pour in. Thanks to all of you for being patient and understanding. To be frank, your kindness has restored our optimism in moving forward!

Along with all of the positive energy we have also learned of several possible solutions for the Fillmore property as well as other N.E. properties that would be suitable.  News travels quickly, and we have heard of several ownership groups and individuals with interest in helping us bring Bonicelli Kitchen to life! This is all very premature but it gives us hope that we can still make our original plans happen.

This brings us to the topic of Kickstarter reward fulfillment. There have been several articles published recently which misquoted our previous statement, so let us be very clear: Everyone who pledged to the campaign will receive their pledge rewards!  Meeting all of the people who pledged to our campaign is one of the things we are most excited about, and all we ask is your patience. Restaurants take time to build and once we have these issues resolved and open our doors, our Kickstarter backers will be the first people to walk through them!

We will continue to update you all as we explore all options and as things develop, and we hope that will be very soon! Thank you all for your support and stay tuned!


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    Hoping for the best Laura!

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