Making Babyfood for Rex

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 baked fruit food millphotoRex

And I thought baby food came from a jar!  Another food myth that I bought hook, line, and sinker  (fishing metaphor) in earlier years of my life.  Unfortunately, that was when I had my children and the idea of making their baby food never occurred to me.  In my mind there was no connection to the food in those jars and real food. Oh those food companies and their advertising campaigns!

This is a big Thank you to my daughter and son in-law for letting me be the chef for my grandson Rex. We’re all hoping that his appreciation of squash, sweet potatoes, pears, and mangos will make him by-pass the McDonald’s drive-in lane later in life!

Making baby food is easy.  Always start with the best organic, local if possible, well sourced food you can find.  I’ve been baking or steaming everything that needs to be cooked and running it through a food mill. I freeze in trays, and store in quart containers.  No salt, preservatives, or added sugar – just food!

Buon Appetito!

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