To our Friends and Supporters

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To our friends & supporters,

We would like to begin by thanking you from the bottom of our hearts for not only believing in us, but helping us bring Bonicelli Kitchen to life! Our Kickstarter launched April 8th and on May 8th when we funded the campaign we felt unstoppable! The Kickstarter funding was the only way that our business would be able to open up shop at 19th and Fillmore.

There have been many questions asked about Bonicelli Kitchen. People want to know what is happening, when they can fulfill their Kickstarter rewards, and when they can come and enjoy the restaurant they helped build.  Until this point we ourselves have not been entirely sure what to tell people, but we have reached a solid conclusion and are now able to tell you exactly what is going on.

We entered into a lease with the ownership of the building prior to launching the Kickstarter. This was a huge risk on our part, given that the funds from the Kickstarter were designated for the restaurant essentials such as licensing, POS systems, dishes, equipment, etc., but fortunately for us you guys came through! Once the campaign funded all that was left was lining up building permits, contractors, our restaurant license, and of course, funding from the owners of the building.

This last part is where we hit our big snag.  Up until roughly 2 months ago everything was going according to plan.  We had completed the rezoning of the building,  permits were ready to be picked up, our license was approved, the only thing that remained was getting the bank to release the owner’s portion of the funding.

We are disappointed to say that this has not and will not be happening with the current owners of the Fillmore property.  The lease has certain obligations for both us and the owners, and they are not able to fulfill their end financially.  We have explored many options in an attempt to make things work, but all of them required too much of us without any benefit to us or the business and a great deal of personal risk. The one thing we are not willing to do is risk the entire business in order to force something to happen that could ultimately fail because we were making bad decisions out of desperation.

This has been a tumultuous several months. It has felt like our livelihoods were hanging in the balance and every week we would receive some new piece of the puzzle that made it look more and more like this wasn’t going to work. We are all saddened to see this happen in this way, but now that we know with certainty that things will not happen in the way we had planned, we can begin to look forward.

As of now there are 2 things that can happen with Bonicelli Kitchen. The first is that the building may be sold to a new owner, and if the owner is interested in fulfilling the lease we have on the building we can still move forward at the Fillmore property.  The property is being listed by Kurt Nowacki at Rock Solid Realty.

The second option is that we begin to explore NE for a new location for Bonicelli Kitchen. We know that some of you may not like this option, especially everyone within a few blocks of the Fillmore property, but our hope is that we can find something very close by!  This will all take time, but we have already begun the process.

We have faith in what we are doing and will not be giving up! We want to begin fulfilling the Kickstarter rewards that we can do without our physical space so we will be reaching out to those people soon for fulfillment.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this and for all of your continued support. We will be learning more as we go along and you all will be the first to know when things develop.  We can’t wait to make it through this and invite you all into the kitchen you helped us create!

-Laura & The Bonicelli Crew







  • Robyn says:

    You should partner with Delmonicos Jessie has been trying to reopen her Cuban Itailian Deli but has been caught up in permits and red tape that has delayed her..maybe your two ideas could merge, you both are NE.

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