Almost a year later, and a few blocks away

Bonicelli Fresh Meal Delivery

2015 was such a crazy year! It started with the idea of Bonicelli Kitchen taking shape, followed shortly by a successful Kickstarter campaign, licensing approvals, we were ready to go! As you know the rest of 2015 didn’t go quite as we had hoped, and we began to search for restaurant spaces in NE.

We weren’t too optimistic as we visited space after space and couldn’t seem to find anything that felt right. One day (thanks to a friend and Kickstarter supporter) we caught wind of a space that was becoming available on Central Avenue, only a few blocks from the Fillmore property. After a couple weeks of trying we tracked down the agent, got in to see the space, and LOVED IT!

So what we are trying to tell you is that a little less than a year later, and a few blocks away, we have found a new home for Bonicelli Kitchen! 

Our new home will be at 1839 Central Avenue NE! For those unfamiliar with the space it has been sitting empty for quite some time, and used to be a restaurant called Al Razaaq.


More about the space:

Our new space is big and beautiful and will have more room than before (plenty of room for cooking classes). The kitchen portion is already finished with a gigantic 18′ hood and all the sinks we could ask for! We have already purchased most of the needed equipment, including two 6 burner stoves, a commercial fridge and freezer, racks, shelving, dishes, all the good stuff!

The biggest improvement in our new space is the outdoor seating area:

It is a beautiful fenced in patio, and even though it’s on Central, it feels tucked away and serene. We are developing plans for the garden and we promise it will be one of the best and most unique outdoor spaces in the city. We can’t wait to enjoy it with you this Summer!

Timeline for opening:

We will take over occupancy of the building on February 1st. Our first step is to move our fresh meal delivery service into the kitchen, this will give us a chance to test everything out and get organized. While this is happening we will be painting the space and doing some smaller renovations to make the space of our dreams! The garden work will begin as soon as possible and once we get a scope of the entire project we will develop more firm dates on opening, we do plan to be fully open by the summer.

We will be opening the space early to fulfill rewards for our Kickstarter backers and to get them into the space, and we plan to have events and soft openings to get ourselves and the staff up to speed.


  • Joanne Renquist says:

    Met at Ryan and Angie’s engagement party when you did the catering.
    It was such fun and anxious to visit your new restaurant.

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