About Fresh Meal Delivery

Bonicelli Fresh Meal Delivery was just a thought years ago when I had my children. The hospital sent home a dinner for two when my son was born and I don’t think I have ever been so grateful for anything in my life. I can’t remember what it was, or if it was good, but it was packaged like a treat and the fact that I didn’t have to figure one meal out was a tremendous relief. I thought if I could have had 3 days or a week of food showing up - I would have had a chance to settle in to my new role as a mother.

That meal, and the experience of it, has stayed in my mind through all of the ups, downs, and turns in my life. I decided 5 years ago to expand the memory into a concept and develop it into a company. I married the concept of that experience of convenience with my food ethics, belief in unprocessed local and credible food resources, and 30 years of recipe development and culinary experience. To do that I had to become a chef!

My staff and I cook for busy people, people with weight and fitness goals, and people in situations like having a baby - or recovering from illness. We are not a large company and we cook from scratch.

Food has always been at the center of things for me. It is there for my health, comfort, enjoyment, and family tradition. Bonicelli Fresh Meal Delivery is designed to bring all of that to your doorstep.

You will remember the food!

Bonicelli Fresh Meals Are:

• Fresh and Full of Variety, Great Recipes, and Healthful Food
• Local and Organic Whenever Possible
• Conveniently delivered to your door twice a week
• Cost effective (no time shopping no left overs)
• Portion Controlled (so you can't overeat)