What is the spice of life?

Bonicelli Fresh Meal Delivery

It is true that much of what I cook is influenced by my Italian background.  I really did have a Grandmother that taught me how to make pasta, gnocchi, and ravioli and I feel blessed for it.  I have, however, always been intrigued by pretty much any cuisine that I run into and find that the common thread in my cooking is much more about using great and authentic ingredients than it is in sticking to just Italian or even Mediterranean styles.

This wasn’t a problem for my meal delivery service which promised and delivered variety.  In a restaurant setting it’s a little more confusing – especially with an Italian name like Bonicelli. Luckily I find that once people get over the initial confusion of Thai or Indian plates popping up in the menu  – they settle in and enjoy the variety.  I just cook what I like and compose the menu so that people can find obvious pairings within the small plates if they want to or just jump around and enjoy the different flavors.  I love investigating dishes and their place in culture and find the whole process of developing recipes around traditional dishes really creative!

I am using our daily menu and our special events (wine dinners – etc.) as an opportunity to connect with, nourish and hopefully inspire our audience.  We are having a blast being Bonicelli Kitchen!  and I do think that variety is the spice of life!

Chef Bonicelli  

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